Why take a gap year?


Taking a gap year is increasingly becoming a rite of passage for young Australians.  Through volunteering overseas, they immerse themselves in another culture and way of life, making new friends from home and abroad.  By stepping outside of their comfort zone, they learn valuable skills, grow in confidence and develop new perspectives on life.  And by volunteering rather than travelling, they help others and make a positive difference in a new community.

In a recent survey of our volunteers, the majority identified that through their gap year, they had developed skills that are highly valued by employers:

•    85% agreed or strongly agreed they had developed their problem solving abilities
•    85% also agreed or strongly agreed they were more flexible
•    91% agreed or strongly agreed they had more initiative
•    97% agreed or strongly agreed they were more independent
•    94% agreed or strongly agreed they had developed their communication skills

79% agreed or strongly agreed that they felt re-energised and ready for further study as a result of taking a gap year and 94% had gone on to university or higher education.

A 2006 study by Queensland Government and the International Education Association of Australia found that 81% of employers believed that graduates who undertake an overseas experience return to Australia with enhanced skills that are applicable to the workplace and also that overseas experience helped many graduates progress more quickly through company ranks.  Employers who had recruited graduates with international experience cited their international perspective and alternative ways of approaching challenges as two of the greatest assets they could bring top the workplace.

Our wide range of placement choice means that you can find an international volunteering experience to suit your needs.  Some countries do require our volunteers to be 18 years of age at the start of their placement in order to issue visas, however there are still options for 17 year olds in many countries.